The goals and objectives of New Student Orientation are:

• To introduce students to college services which will support their educational and
personal goals (ex. library, information technology, academic and student services
• To facilitate initial academic advisement, course selection, and registration.
• To familiarize students with the campus environment and physical facilities.
• To create an atmosphere that minimizes anxiety, promotes positive attitudes, and
stimulates an excitement for learning.
• To provide a welcoming atmosphere for students and families to meet faculty, staff,
and continuing students, as well as other new students.
• To provide the families of new students comprehensive information about the
academic and student service resources and programs.
• To provide employment, leadership, and learning opportunities for continuing
students as pack leaders, through selection, training, and supervision.

The learning outcomes derived from the goals and objectives are:

• Students will be introduced to college services that will support their educational
and personal goals.
• Students will understand the purpose of academic advisement and course selection.
• Students will become familiar with the campus environment.
• Students will feel confident and excited about their decision to attend Pines City Colleges.
• Students and families will be familiar with faculty, staff, and students on campus.
• Families will gain comprehensive information on campus resources available to
them and their student(s).
• Student leaders will gain valuable leadership experience at the college level.


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