About Us


Pioneer in Nursing and Midwifery Education in Northern Luzon
Has its own tertiary private hospital, Pines City Doctors Hospital, providing specialized services and training
Alma Mater of countless educators, executives, and competent health care providers
The leading school of Rehabilitation Sciences north of Manila
Second on the top performing schools in the Respiratory Therapy Licensure
Examination with 100% Passing Rate for the Batch 2015 Graduates
A College that provides holistic Pharmacy
Education through diversified student- development programs
With a line-up of faculty members in dental education who are expert clinicians and practitioners
A vibrant College that nurtures future medical laboratory scientists
An institution that transforms potentials into passions through hands-on training on Hospitality Management
A competitive technical-vocational school for Hotel and Restaurant Services
Academic Programs Offered
  • Senior High
  • Technical-Vocational Courses
    • Hotel and Restaurant Services
    • Healthcare Services
  • BS Hospitality Management or BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science(Med. Tech.)
  • Diploma in Midwifery
  • BS Nursing
  • BS Occupational Therapy
  • BS Pharmacy
  • BS Physical Therapy
  • BS Respiratory Therapy
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine(Dentistry)

Pines City Colleges is committed to develop the students’ potentials to the maximum.


A premier learning institution, whose graduates are mature, well-balanced, imbued with values, and who are responsive to local and global needs.


Pines City Colleges believes that education makes a man and that holistic education brings about the most desirable changes in an individual's personal and professional life.


Pines City Colleges (PCC) formerly Pines City Doctors’ Hospital School of Nursing started its operation in 1969 and the Pines City Doctor’s Hospital in 1966.

Reminiscent of its past – PCC had its humble beginning with the inauguration of its hospital, then and still known as the Pines City Doctors’ Hospital on August 15, 1966. The establishment of the hospital paved the way for more serious deliberations and determination for the upcoming developmental projects intended by the people behind this. It was very instrumental for an inspired perception of building what would now be an educational institution, Pines City Colleges.

On August 1969 the “inspired – perception” came into reality with the founding of the School of Nursing. It started with 42 students to boot. With pride, dignity and perseverance over the years, the Pines City Doctors’ Hospital School of Nursing produced its very first nurses with the continuance of more aspirants to the school of nursing.

Further projections expanded. It geared towards the birth of the different departments, namely; the Midwifery/ Health Aide, Optometry, Liberal Arts / Office Management, Teacher Education and Basic Education.

Challenged by all these expansion and developments, PCC stood against all odds of difficulties and adjustments. Proud to say, it has weathered all aspects of doubt, adversity, and has risen to what institutional establishment it is today.

Further studies proved all the better for its latest addition; Physical Therapy Department, College of Dentistry and complete secondary course. Then it was followed by the College of Respiratory Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Hotel and Restaurant Management, Tourism and Medical Technology.

With all these proofs of improvement, PCC has blossomed into what it was meant to be. PCC will ceaselessly continue to commit herself towards excellence in education.