College Logo

College Logo
The official colors of Medical Laboratory Science or Medical technology are gold yellow and floral lavender.

The microscope symbolizes medical technology(it is the main tool of Medical Technologists).

Green as used to color "Pines City Colleges" is the Official color of PCC.

Black, Color of microscope

Caduceus, the emblem of medicine, signifies the relationship between medicine and medical technology (Medical Technology is a paramedical profession).

2003 was the year Medical Technology was born at Pines City Colleges.


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College Uniform

Student Uniform


Each college has its own prescribed uniform for economy, recognition, and discipline. A student wearing the school uniform represents the school and therefore, must conduct himself/herself properly, inside and outside the school.

Students must wear the prescribed uniform everyday in school (in attending all classes—General Education) and other school functions outside the campus.


Graduates of Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology/Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science like any other health professional education must be able to apply analytical and critical thinking in clinical laboratory. As such, graduates must be able:

  • Develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills in the performance of clinical laboratory procedures needed to help the physician in the proper diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, and prevention of diseases.
  • Develop skills in critical and analytical thinking to advance knowledge in Medical Technology/Medical Laboratory Science and contribute to the challenges of the profession.
  • Develop leadership skills and to promote competence and excellence and;
  • Uphold moral and ethical values in the service of society and in the practice of the profession.



College of Medical Laboratory Science aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Collect samples, prepare specimens for analysis, determine the acceptability of samples within guidelines, perform the test according to standard methods/techniques;
  2. Demonstrate skills in judgment and decision making to analyze quality control and recognize implausible results and take appropriate actions to maintain accuracy and precision;
  3. Perform accurately data gathering, processing and encoding into the computer system;
  4. Observe the principles of data security or patient confidentiality, maintain ethical standards in working with other laboratory and hospital personnel;
  5. Possess good communication and human relation skills for effective and healthy interaction with health care professionals;
  6. Take responsibility for their own professional development or continuing education; and
  7. Acquire basic management, supervision, administrative skills to contribute to the resolution of conflicts pertaining to laboratory management, implementation of changes in response to technology and laboratory improvement of standards of practice.


College of Medical Laboratory Science professes to produce matured, well-balanced and globally competitive medical laboratory scientists who can deliver quality services demonstrating skills in judgment in analyzing quality control in the clinical laboratory, maintaining accuracy and precision in the detection, diagnosis and prognosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

Programs Offered

Program Offered


Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science

Duration: 4 years