College Logo

The School Logo


Green is the official color of Pines City Colleges. This represents life, nature and well-being of man. This is evident in the School of Midwifery’s round logo with scalloped edges. This symbolizes the well-rounded personalities of the students and graduates who are trained in the multi-faceted aspects relating to the duties and responsibilities of a midwife.

A picture of a mother and child is in the center of the logo. The unending love and care of a mother for her child is the focus in Midwifery practice.

The lamp is a symbol of light and guidance to the midwives as they render care to the mother and child.

The 2-year midwifery course in Pines City Colleges, formerly Pines City Doctor’s Hospital School of Nursing, was given government recognition on May 22, 1979.

Emerald green and white are the official colors to give identity to the department.

The logo was approved by Dr. Abigail T. Bersamin, Vice President for Academic Affairs and was adopted on June 28, 2012.



Student Uniform

Student Uniform

Each college has its own prescribed uniform for economy, recognition, and discipline. A student wearing the school uniform represents the school and therefore, must conduct himself/herself properly, inside and outside the school.

Students must wear the prescribed uniform everyday in school (in attending all classes—General Education) and other school functions outside the campus.


  • Hair should be kept away from the face, long hair should be neatly pony-tailed with hair net.
  • Only stud earrings, wrist watch with second hand and ring for married student is allowed. Other jewelries is prohibited.
  • White blouse with School of Midwifery logo (patch) on the right side.
  • Gray pants.
  • Black leather shoes, black socks or skin tone stocking.
  • School ID with prescribed ID lace.


  • Hair should be kept away from the face, long hair should be neatly pony-tailed with hair net.
  • No jewelries allowed except for wrist watch with second hand.
  • White dress with emerald green piping with PCC logo (patch) on the left side.
  • Dress should be 2 inches below the knee.
  • White thick stockings.
  • White nursing shoes, so with the sole.
  • School ID with prescribed ID lace.


The School of Midwifery is committed to:

  1. Educate midwives who will practice their profession intelligently with integrity.
  2. Provide required facilities and guided experiences to students where they learn basic knowledge, skills and expertise.
  3. Imbue students the need for continuing professional growth and development.


The school aims to produce midwives who are locally and globally competent and compassionate to provide health care services to women, infant and child, irrespective of their social status, political affiliation and religious creed.



“Pines City Colleges – School of Midwifery aims:

  1. To develop the knowledge, attitude and skills of student midwives in the care of the child, the adolescent and the adult woman prior to, during and the following pregnancy.
  2. To prepare the midwives to give the necessary supervision, care and advice to women during pregnancy, labor and post-partum period and to manage normal deliveries on her own responsibility and care for the child.
  3. Graduates of the 2 year program are expected to perform primary health care services within the community (promotive and preventive care).
  4. For midwives to counsel and educate women, family and community regarding family planning including preparation for parenthood/parenting; detect abnormal conditions in the mother and infant and procure specialized assistance as necessary (consultation or referral).

To maintain quality education and high rating of passers in the board exams.”

Programs Offered

Program Offered


Diploma in Midwifery

Duration: 2 years

The Midwifery is a two-year program which was given government recognition on May 22, 1979.  The Midwife graduates of Pines City Colleges, who acquired proper knowledge, skills and attitude, are able to competently take the lead in the provision of Maternal & Child Health Care locally and globally.  The School of Midwifery is task to bring about professional midwives who can competently deliver quality Maternal & Child Health Care in any form of setting and who will be a part in attaining the Department of Health goals for the mother & child.  Graduates of the program are qualified to take the government licensure examination.