Academic Scholarship

1. Eugenio S. Baltao Scholarship Grant (ESBSG)

a. 85% shall be the maintaining average for all courses/ program and no grade lower than 80%.

b. Internship is part of the full discount.

2. Baltao Academic Scholarship- this shall now be called DEAN”S LISTERS SCHOLARSHIP.

*DEAN’S A LISTERS – shall enjoy 100% discount on tuition fees and 100% discount on miscellaneous fees




Retention Requirements:

– weighted average score of 93.00% and above

– enrolled in at least 20 units

– of good moral character

– no grade lower than 80.00%

*DEAN’S B LISTERS- shall enjoy 50% discount on tuition fees and 50% discount on miscellaneous fees.



Non-Academic Scholarships

1. PCC Chorale, Athletic Scholarships and BIBAK will be for the College level only.

2. Guidelines shall be patterned after the PCC Chorale Scholarship/ Membership Form with the following encompassing guidelines for all College Non- Academic Scholarships:

a. Good moral certificate is required.

b. No grade below 80

c. No record of disciplinary sanctions ranging from Suspension to Expulsion. This would mean cancellation of scholarship.

d. There will only be 20 members in each category.

3. For the BIBAK- guidelines will be patterned after PCC Chorale.

4. Performing Arts such as the DANCE TROUPE and THEATRE AND ARTS shall be opened in the College level. The encompassing guidelines stated above shall be applied.

5. For the Athletic Scholarships



Each athlete belongs to any of the following brackets:

Bracket A: shall enjoy 75% discount on tuition fees

Bracket B: shall enjoy 25% discount on tuition fees

Bracket C: are the trainees who do not yet enjoy scholarships



There should be an early assessment of the athletes by the Sports Coordinator together with the SAO.

For the Financial Discounts (Full Payment, Alumni Discount, and Sibling Discount), we have arrived at the following:


1. The Sibling Discount shall be applied to all levels- College, high School, and Elementary-except for Pre-Elementary.

2. The Sibling Discount shall be up to two sibling discounts only. Regardless of age and year level, the sibling/s who processed enrolment later than the other sibling shall be the one to enjoy the discount.

3. Enjoyment of Sibling Scholarship applies within the normal duration of the course. The Guidance office shall monitor the siblings’ curriculum.



1. A student can enjoy more than one kind of scholarship but the discount must not exceed 100% cumulatively. This is applicable for the Academic Scholarships (ESBSG, Dean’s Listers) and the Financial Grants (PCC Chorale, Athletics Scholarship, BIBAK, Dance Troupe, and Theatre and Arts) only.

2. For the Discounts (Full Payment, Alumni Discount, and Sibling Discount), a student shall choose only one.

3. Consider a payment scheme applied to other schools and refer to CHED.

4. I will be revising the PCC Chorale Membership/ Scholarship Form and be applied to all Non-Academic Scholarships.

5. All provisions for the scholarships, grants, and discounts shall apply on SY 2012-2013.