Student Services

PCC counseling program aims to:

• give the student information on matters important to his/her success.

•establish a feeling of mutual understanding between teacher and student.

•help the student know himself/herself better, his/her interests, abilities, aptitudes, and available opportunities.

•help the student work out a plan for solving difficulties.

•encourage special talents and develop right attitudes.

•inspire successful endeavor toward the attainment or realization of objectives.

•assist the student in planning for his/her educational and vocational choices.




a. Counseling Service – A process of assisting students to understand themselves better, to make choices, and to resolve conflicts that may affect them in their school performance.

b. Placement Service – A process of assisting graduates and graduating students in finding job opportunities and placements that suit their needs, interests, abilities and goals.

c. Individual Inventory Service – This service is designed to gather all reliable data, information and records, and to assemble and compile these materials for their functional use.

d. Information Service – This service is designed to provide information about the school, its courses and curricula including school services and job opportunities.

e. Follow-up Service – this service is designed to monitor the academic performance of the students as well as their other concerns with respect to their studies.

f. Referral Service – A process of assisting students who are self- referred or referred by significant others.

g. Career Orientation – A process of assisting students to choose a career and to prepare for it.

h. Assists in processing and screening of academic scholars.




Medical Clinic

✓ Free consultation for bonafide students and employees.

✓ Free emergency treatment of minor injuries.

✓ Dispense free medicines 1-2 doses only for fever, colds, cough, diarrhea, pain.

✓ Removal of sutures of minor wounds.

✓ Request for laboratory exams and other diagnostics tests when necessary (PCDH gives 50% discount on Complete Blood Count, Urinalysis, Stool Exam)

✓ Referral to other specialist when necessary.

✓ Issuance of medical certificates for students who came for consultation during the course of their illness.

✓ Validation of medical certificates from other doctors.

✓ Vaccination (vaccines are given at cost or discounted price) Infuenza, Hepa A, Hepa B, etc.

✓ Issuance of Hepa B cards/certificates.

✓ 2 infirmary beds (during clinic hours) for students who are too sick to move around.

✓ Medical journals/books for students to borrow.

✓ Health and Nutrition leaflets.

✓ Counseling: health and wellness, sex and sexuality, nutrition, prevention of unwanted pregnancies, abortion.

✓ Evaluation of laboratory exam and other diagnostics procedures of students and employees.

✓ No Smoking / Anti Smoking Campaign.