College Logo

The College Logo

Yellow is the official color of College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. This represents a vibrant Industry where people express warmth and Hospitality. It is also a Pineapple color. Pineapple the symbol of the Hospitality Industry.

The border of the logo is green and it is the official color of Pines City Colleges which represents life, nature and well-being of man.

The center of the logo contains an airplane, dove and global chef. The airplane symbolizes travel and tourism. The dove with palm symbolizes excellence. The three chefs handling globe represents the Development of a global chef which we envision for our graduates.

The ribbon represents a quality education and in 1992 as per record, PCC opened its Tourism and HRM course in this year.


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Student Uniform

Student Uniform


Each college has its own prescribed uniform for economy, recognition, and discipline. A student wearing the school uniform represents the school and therefore, must conduct himself/herself properly, inside and outside the school.

Students must wear the prescribed uniform everyday in school (in attending all classes—General Education and Professional subjects) and other school functions outside the campus.



“A commitment to deliver excellent and innovative learning to prepare our students to be globally competitive and responsible industry professionals, imbued with the values of CHRISTIANITY, INTEGRITY and CIVIC MINDEDNESS.”



“A commitment for a conducive and innovative learning environment to produce passionate Industry professionals putting others first above self, truly imbued with Christian spirit and integrity.”




“A college that develops responsible individuals, professionals and stewards of God’s abundant provisions, moulding them into their true calling to SERVE and INSPIRE with EXCELLENCE and PASSION.″

The College of Tourism and Hospitality Management desires to bring out the potential our students have, turning this potentials into passion with shall bring fruition into the Industry they have chosen through Innovative, Fun and Challenging learning environment for them to excel in their endeavours.

Programs Offered

Programs Offered



Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Duration: 4 years


TESDA-Accredited Programs

  • Hotel & Restaurant Services Provider
    • Duration: 2 years
  • Cooking NC II
  • Food and Beverage NC II
  • Bartending NC II
  • Housekeeping NC II